What do we do Technological solutions

References in the software development in the cloud

We bring value to your company by developing visionary software for any type of business, regardless of its complexity, with faster and more secure technology. By implementing and developing our systems in the cloud, we can focus on the internal workings of your web business (processes, integrations, etc.), thus improving the architecture and incorporating the most innovative tools to mitigate errors and improve efficiency.

Devgurus can customize any computing resource your business needs. You will be able to access them, without a server, quickly and manage them with an easy and intuitive interface. You will choose the services you need at any given time, as well as the users who can access them. We have a high skilled devops team certified in the Google Cloud Platform.

By having your personalized software in the cloud, you will save costs, speed up the structure of your business, and offer a unique experience to your customers.

Advantages of cloud development

  • Cost reduction
    No extra costs for license or infrastructure payments.
  • Personalized multi-services
    Enjoy all the services and integrations you can imagine.
  • Multiple users
    Unlimited access for the entire company team, customers, or suppliers.
  • No access restrictions
    Access your platform from anywhere, anytime and from any device.
  • More security
    We carry out all kinds of tests to offer an error-free and 100% safe final product. Information backup and restoration service.
  • Always up to date
    Always work with the latest version of your software.
  • Unlimited storage capacity
    Save all the data you want.
  • Respect for the environment
    You do not need physical components, 100% cloud software.

Expand your points of sale in the network

Every day the number of people who make their purchases through the Internet increases. The present and the future is and will be digital. If you are going to take the step of digitalizing your business, it is convenient that you do it with all the guarantees and the most powerful tools.

Devgurus is an official partner of one of the most innovative eCommerce development platforms commercetools. Thanks to the performance and high capacity of our development team, we design eCommerce sites adapted to the needs of the future and connected to all types of devices: from traditional eCommerce, to mobile applications, AR or AV, voice assistants or Social Media.

We are leaders in the Modern eCommerce, we develop custom eCommerce without head and with one of the most flexible API to adapt to any need. A modular structure of more than 300 API endpoints; allows us to customize any service you want to offer to the customer.

The result is a high capacity and reliable platform with a great sales experience. In addition, you will not require great computer knowledge. With Devgurus you just care about selling.

Scale your business and increase your profitability

Having a good web design is not enough to have a good sales experience. You need to offer quality content, adaptable to any device, that incites to click. At Devgurus we achieve this with Contentstack, a headless CMS 100% cloud, of which we are official partners. Contentstack offers one of the best user experiences on the market.

Thanks to this modern CMS, you will have a content structure with all kinds of integrations in a matter of days, and that also covers the needs of your audience through multiple channels. You will be able to increase the engagement of your business, making the most of your page content, with an architecture adapted to any device and language: web, mobile, IoT, AR and VR, JSON and API.

Easy, fast, and simple. You will be able to manage the contents of your web, create new pages or design your own campaigns and promotions without the help of a professional.

Through this modern modular system and a high quality image editor you will be able to design and broadcast the content of your page as you wish: create new modules, scale content or create landing pages, constantly. In this way, you will maintain a continuous communication with your client, personalized and omnichannel.