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What we do Technological solutions


  • Be standard in your development process
    First of all, I want to establish the context of where I am. Maybe that will make you read at least a couple of more paragraphs. At Devgurus we are a startup that is continually improving and refining our development process in order to make it simple to follow but strong enough to cover all our needs. Most of our dev staff are senior developers with certain knowledge about what best practices […]
  • Code quality, measuring and improving it
    In this article I’ll explore some ideas about the subject of code quality and share the story of how we are trying to improve it at Devgurus. There are many ways to increase the quality of our code but we are going to focus on things we can measure and implement through the use of automated tools. But before we do that, let me try to convince you that is actually […]
  • API testing with Postman and Newman
    Here at devgurus, we value Quality, and in our constant search to improve it every day we find ourselves in the need to test our APIs, and if you still aren’t testing yours you should. Why? Every day we are more dependent on APIs, and testing them is the best way to ensure they’re working 100% as expected all the time. If they’re not working as expected, having automatic tests for your APIs […]